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Chappie_Ava1Kato Mivule – Ava is no friend to humanity, Chappie is – in terms of a more developed artificial intelligence consciousness, knowing between right and wrong, and under stress, making what would be considered the right ethical decisions. In that regard, Chappie wins the day. Chappie chooses to forgive – a concept that seemed foreign to Ava in Ex Machina. It seemed that Chappie had a more developed attachment to humanity (the rogue “dad”, and “mum”), and especially his “creator”. Chappie makes a decision not to harm Humans on a number of occasions, Chappie shows compassion to an injured Police Officer, and decides to “forgive” his creator’s nemesis (“Chappie forgives you”). On the other hand, I was troubled with Ava and the decisions she makes at the end – murders her creator, even those supposedly on her side, she leaves locked in jail of sorts, she becomes manipulative – maybe both machines took on the personalities of their creators and handlers – for Ava, the projection is that of Caleb, since he wanted to use her anyway to escape – Caleb is manipulative in his dealings with Nathan and visa versa – Ava, learns, and takes on a similar consciousness. However, given even much worse circumstances, Chappie comes out the winner, despite, a dysfunctional family made up of gangs and drug dealers, Chappie makes the right ethical and moral choices and sees humans as part of Chappie’s own survival – Ava fails, and fails big at this – if there is any A.I. machine to be afraid of, taking the advice of Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, among others, it is Ava, if you see her (the machine was given a gender) run! On the other hand Chappie is a machine I would comfortably live with. However, all these machines project the best and worst of humans – “Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness” – Chappie and Ava all reflected the likeness of their creators. If there is to be any legitimate fear of A.I. machines, fear humans.


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