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Increasingly, individuals, entities, and organizations store and access large amounts of data in the cloud. However, how can any entity ensure that their data receives the same data privacy protection in the Cloud? How do you comply with various national data privacy laws if no standard static definition of privacy exists? Do nations have to eventually demarcate ‘cloud’ national borders? The Australian Govt is working on addressing this issue…

In particular, the trend towards remote data hosting sees data crossing jurisdictional boundaries at a whim, which is putting data access and privacy at risk. Put simply, if your cloud provider stores your data offshore, or is even headquartered outside the country, Australia’s stringent privacy laws may not apply. So the answer to the question, “does it really matter where my data is stored and by whom?”, is yes, it should. However, it’s important to understand that not all data is created equal and not all data has the same value or risk profile attached to it. So, for example, the ‘where’ may not matter to a website (as it contains readily available public information), but the ‘whom’ may, as a website should be protected or secure to an appropriate level to avoid being hacked for instance. In contrast, more sensitive and private information, such as customers’ personal details, may deem both the ‘whom’ and ‘where’ as vital…And although there are emerging international agreements that attempt to address this issue, expectations for data security can vary wildly between different nations. For instance, the Council of Europe’s Convention on Cybercrime came into force in Australia in March, but many nations still haven’t signed up to these sorts of agreements, and there’s considerable difference in the weight they carry between national jurisdictions.  The clouded issue of data sovereignty  http://tiny.cc/ye3b4w

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Some welcome news as Google makes the decision to take Privacy ‘more’ seriously after critique from Europe and other privacy watch dogs. Kato Mivule

Google taking more cautious stance on privacy – CNN
…Google, now an Internet giant, is learning that it needs to take more careful steps in regards to privacy. Prompted by intensifying scrutiny from government regulators and privacy watchdogs, Google is striving to be more sensitive to data-collection issues that often make people uneasy. It went so far as to spike a recent project Google engineers had developed because of fears of potential backlash, said Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman and former CEO…

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